NES Classic Edition – Why is it so hard to find?

The NES Classic Edition, the console that all of you want. It brings back your childhood memories with 30 of the most popular NES games. It’s only $49.99 but the problem is actually buying it. You think you finally found it and then you see an empty shelf.

It’s really true. It is that hard to get this console. The only people that actually get it is the ones that camp out.


But it’s time for the real question, why is it so hard to find?


If you go online to a website like DK Oldies you can find the original NES for around $149.99 to $199.99. The big deal is you can get something smaller and faster with all the games for $49.99. 

About $100 off! Brand new! Working on your fancy new flat screen TVs.

Do you see the difference!?

Supply: 25

Demand: 250

The answer is another question; Why does Nintendo not make more?

Post Not Sponsered by DK Oldies

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